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Extra Large Beach Towel - Quick Dry, Super Absorbent & Sand Repellent 200X90 CM - Mayfair Navy

Extra Large Beach Towel - Quick Dry, Super Absorbent & Sand Repellent 200X90 CM - Mayfair Navy

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Why we love it!

  • Perfect for the beach, sport, picnics, travelling the world or going on adventures!
  • Bigger than a bath sheet and big enough to cover your sun lounger
  • Super absorbent
  • Quick drying time
  • Sand resistant so you won't take the beach home with you
  • Compact & Lightweight


Welcome to the home of game changing towels!

Ever noticed how much space your sports towel or picnic blanket takes up in your bag? Or had to lug a sodden towel back from the beach? The practical folk at Keep the Faith London decided to see if they could do something about it. Nothing against the traditional towel; it serves us very well at home. However it was never designed for the cut and thrust of sport, travelling the world or going on adventures. It definitely doesn’t make the grade when it comes to the beach either. These towels do.

The extra large towel is bigger than a bath sheet and perfect to wrap around after a swim in the sea and is big enough to cover your sun lounger. Our super absorbent material makes it easier to dry yourself with them being able to take over double their weight in water. The way the fabric of the towel is created also gives them a quicker drying time than traditional towels.

When you take the towel to the beach, an extra awesome quality is that these towels are sand resistant. When you’re finished on the sand give it a little shake and you’re ready to use it after a dip in the sea.

Quick Drying - These towels are designed to dry fast, taking less than half the time of regular ones.
Super Absorbent - Made from highly absorbent microfibre, each towel can soak up over double it's weight in water.
Sand Repellent - The soft smooth-touch fabric keeps the sand & muck at bay – it just slips off your towel.
Compact & Lightweight - Every towel is 3x more compact and a one third of the weight of your typical towel. Space saving and light perfect for taking away on holiday and to the gym.
Brilliant Quality - The high-quality printing process on the material means they will have long-lasting colour and the towel will keeps its shape.

Perfect for the beach: This is a wonderful towel for the beach as it is sand repellent and is large enough to cover your sun lounger.

Gym, Sports and Activities: No matter what exercise you love these towels will save space in your gym bag, be lighter to carry and be easy to wash and dry quickly ready for the next workout.

Brilliant for our furry friends: These towels are not only brilliant for us but for our pets too. They are super absorbent, quick to wash and dry. Plus our towels are made in such a way that pet hair will not stick as much.


Care Advice: Towels are washable at 30ºC to help save energy.

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