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Worldly Aromas Palo Santo Sticks - Box of 5

Worldly Aromas Palo Santo Sticks - Box of 5

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Why we love it!

  • 100% Sustainable Palo Santo wood collected from naturally dead branches
  • Calming and soothing scent without the chemicals used in many commercial incense sticks
  • 5 x Palo Santo sticks per box
  • Plastic free company

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens), is a tree that inhabits the coast of South America. According to the local customs, the wood is used to remove negative energy. When the stick is burnt the smoke produces a scent that is extremely calming and soothing.

Our suppliers goal is to regenerate the wild forest where Palo Santo grows. By supporting eco-projects we are all contributing to poverty alleviation, sustainability, the preservation of ethnobotanical knowledge, local plant-based economic development.
Only naturally dead branches and trunks are collected, without cutting down any living trees, damaging the surrounding area or making new paths.

Size Sticks are approximately 10cm x 1cm x 1cm
Origin Ecuador
Instructions Light one Palo Santo stick with any match or lighter. Allow to burn for 30 seconds to a minute, then carefully blow it out.

Packaging: Recyclable cardboard box

About Worldly Aromas:

'Our company believes in natural, authentic and sustainable products designed to compliment practices like yoga, meditation and mindfulness by creating a relaxing environment. We met at University studying Osteopathy in London and founded Worldly Aromas a few months later.

After learning about the dangerous chemicals used in many commercial incense sticks, candles and aromatherapy oils we wanted to create a brand that people could trust to provide products that are free from toxins.

We also care deeply about our impact on the earth and avoid any animal or plastic wherever possible (the lids for the essential oil bottles are still plastic, but we are working on sourcing an alternative).

We use high quality and rare ingredients to provide an amazing sensory experience which is created by artisans from around the world. The processes involved to extract these ingredients do not involve chemicals and are made on a small scale with sustainability in mind.'

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