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Helen Round

Helen Round Large Reusable Linen Bowl Cover - Dark Blue and Natural Stripes

Helen Round Large Reusable Linen Bowl Cover - Dark Blue and Natural Stripes

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Why we love it!

  • Keeps food covered while out on the table, in the garden for a barbeque, in the fridge or while transporting.
  • Perfect eco-friendly alternative to cling film and plastic bags
  • Large size fits up to 45cm diameter bowls, serving dishes and casseroles
  • Designed to be used again and again
  • Finished with an elasticated hem for easy fitting
  • They let food breathe - unlike cling film!
  • Can be used in the fridge
  • Machine washable
  • Classic yet contemporary design from Helen Round
  • Ethically and sustainably produced in the United Kingdom 


This large, elasticated, striped pure linen bowl cover with dark blue/natural stripes is perfect for parties and family gatherings.

It covers large bowls, keeping food covered while out on the table, in the garden for a barbeque, in the fridge or while transporting.

Great for bread making, marinades and soaking fruit for cakes and puddings, helping to keep contents covered, yet breathable.

  • Fits up to 45cm diameter bowls, serving dishes and casseroles
  • Breathable, keeps food fresh
  • Simple to use and fits various shapes and sizes
  • Plastic-free, reusable and long lasting
  • Made from 100% linen
  • Handmade in Cornwall, UK
  • Machine Washable
  • Avoids single-use plastic
  • Keeps bugs and flies away
  • Protects from dust or sand

Each bowl cover is made in Cornwall by a skilled team of local artisans, using traditional methods.

Set of three multi-sized reusable bowl covers is also available here.



Helen Round


Hand Printed Textiles from Cornwall

Hand crafted by artisans using ethically sourced natural materials for sustainable living.



About Us

From small beginnings, we are now proud to work with customers all over the world. Although our business has grown, our ethos remains unchanged. Our products are still hand-crafted locally which means we can produce bespoke products for both retailers and individuals. Our classic designs start life as my sketch book scribbles; fine line drawings capturing the surrounding beauty of Cornwall.  They are inspired by the flora and fauna of the Cornish countryside and coastline. Our materials are ethically sourced.  They are made using small batch production, with each linen piece hand-printed, using traditional screen-printing techniques.  They are sewn by a team of local artisans, reflecting the hand of the maker. Each collection of simple and functional linen homeware and kitchenware products is made and printed in our Cornish studios. Our philosophy is to create products that are long lasting, beautifully made and of excellent quality, with the smallest possible impact on the environment. Each product is designed to minimise waste, to tread lightly on the earth.  We offer our customers a sustainable, low impact, environmentally friendly alternative to single use products. Good for our customers and our planet.



Linen and Bamboo Fabric All of our materials are sustainably sourced and Oeko-Tex certified meaning the manufacture process is free from harmful chemicals. We are passionate about using natural fibres and work with linen and bamboo as our main fabrics. Bamboo is fast-growing resource and can be grown free from pesticides. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. Compared to cotton, it needs 35% less water to grow and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Linen comes from the flax plant; it requires no extra water, apart from rain water and no pesticides to grow a crop. Every part of the flax plant is used. Linen textiles appear to be some of the oldest in the world. We recycle and reuse as much fabric as possible. Many of our smaller products are made from studio off-cuts of linen, minimising waste. Any much smaller fabric scraps that can’t be used in the studio are sent to local schools for crafting projects. .If you would like to use our linen and bamboo scraps for your craft projects (ideal for stuffing cushions!), do get in touch. We cut, make and print all of our products in our Cornish Studios which has a very positive impact on our carbon footprint. Wherever possible, we source all materials as close to home as we can.

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