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Black & Blum Microwave Safe Leak Proof Stainless Steel Lunch & Meal Prep Box - 900ml

Black & Blum Microwave Safe Leak Proof Stainless Steel Lunch & Meal Prep Box - 900ml

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Why we love it!

  • Multifunction: meal prep, food storage, on-the-go lunch box, oven container
  • Innovative microwave-safe stainless steel box
  • Leak proof + airtight vacuum-sealed lid lock keeps food fresher for longer
  • Semi-transparent lid to see your meals clearly
  • Highest quality food grade stainless steel
  • Dishwasher / Oven / Freezer-safe
  • Easy-clean: fully removable seals


Perfect for meal prep, food storage, or simply eating on-the-go

These microwavable steel food boxes are leak proof, dishwasher and oven-safe, and come in a range of sizes for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between. Lightweight, airtight and durable, they are perfect for meal prep, food storage, or simply eating on-the-go.

  • Innovative microwave-safe stainless steel box (see details below)
  • Leak proof + airtight vacuum-sealed lid lock keeps food fresher for longer
  • Semi-transparent lid to see your meals clearly
  • Highest quality food grade stainless steel
  • Dishwasher / Oven (exc. lid) / Freezer-safe
  • Easy-clean: fully removable seals
  • High performance: lid lock vent means lid can stay on when microwaving which reduces heat time (compared with other stainless steel containers), and prevents splattering (no need for single-use cling film!)
  • Multifunction: meal prep, food storage, on-the-go lunch box, oven container
  • BPA-Free

Size: 900ml - 19cm x 14.6cm x 7.3cm - 270g


High-quality 18/8 stainless steel used in combination with a smooth rounded surface means these meal prep sets are microwave-safe.

How does it work in the microwave?
Yes, you read that right, these steel boxes are microwave-safe. We know that everyone was taught that metal cannot go in the microwave, but it’s only partly true. There are definitely some metals that should not be placed in a microwave, however, this does not include the high-quality stainless steel that we use. This type of steel, combined with the smooth and rounded shape of the steel boxes, means they will not cause sparking and are safe to use in the microwave.

Is there anything I need to know about microwaving these boxes?
Yes, any major dents (and we mean major) or deep scratches could make it unsuitable for the microwave, so watch out for these. Also do not place any cutlery or foil with the boxes in the microwave, as these will cause sparking. Please ensure you only heat one box at a time for a max of 2 minutes before stirring to repeat, and do not touch the edges of the microwave with the box. It will take slightly longer to heat your food in these boxes than regular plastic or glass, however as the lid can stay on (with lid lock open), they are faster than other steel boxes to heat. Also please note, the box will be hot when you remove it from the microwave so you might want to use a tea towel. These boxes have undergone extensive (very extensive) testing to ensure maximum safety standards.

Are there any foods I should avoid when using these boxes in the microwave?
You should avoid foods that heat to extreme temperatures, like popcorn or sugar, as these can cause burns. Also, please note that very oily/acidic food may cause staining on the lids (but will not impact the function).

Can I also microwave the lid?
Yes! We have specifically designed the lid to remove the need for single-use plastic cling film to prevent splatter when microwaving. Just ensure the lid lock is popped open (to prevent pressure build up and to release steam), and you’re good to go.


Vacuum sealed lid lock is 100% leak proof, and keeps your food fresher for longer.

Are these boxes leak proof?
Absolutely, this is an incredibly important feature to us. Leak proof means peace of mind, and there’s no point using a reusable lunch box if you need to wrap it in a plastic bag! The vacuum sealed lid lock ensures this range is 100% leak proof and airtight, which also means your meal prepping will stay fresher for longer, additionally reducing food waste. Win-win!

How do I remove the lid?
These steel boxes are leak proof due to the vacuum seal in the lid, but this can mean they are hard to open (nearly impossible actually until you break this seal). You break the seal by simply pushing the button to release the lid lock.


Both the boxes and their lids have been designed with neat storage in mind. Different sizes will nest, same sizes will stack.


Not only are these boxes microwave-safe, but they’re also dishwasher, freezer and oven-safe.

Can I put it in the dishwasher, freezer and oven?
Yes, yes and yes. The meal prep sets are dishwasher-safe (lid is top rack only), freezer-safe, and the steel box is oven-safe (not the lid). When freezing, take care not to over fill, particularly if meal prepping liquids as they can expand when frozen.


The single-walled stainless steel is thin but tough, which means it’s lighter and easy to transport, but also won’t buckle under pressure.


The lid seals are fully removable and there’s no hidden nooks or crannies so it’s super easy to keep these boxes clean.

How do I look after my meal prep sets?
Be careful not to use sharp objects like knives directly on the steel as this can cause scratches. Do not use bleach, cleaners containing chlorine, abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on any part of the box as they may dull the finish and cause scratches. All seals and the lid lock valve (the grey silicone part ONLY, do not remove the actual lid button) are fully removable for deep cleaning. We also advise washing all parts with warm soapy water before you use them for the first time.


These sets have been designed specifically for meal prep. Batch cooking helps you stay healthy, fight food waste and save money.


'We launched our first lunch box design in 2010 and this helped inspire and ignite the whole marketplace for food on-the-go. At the time, although the Japanese were using beautiful bento boxes, the West was making do with standard waxy plastic food containers. Today, the market is transformed and far more aware of the eco, health and financial benefits of taking your own food with you. So much so, that we are now seeing a growing trend of people meal prepping and batch cooking. This might be people following a certain diet for health or fitness, trying to live more sustainably or simply saving money. From a design standpoint, we saw this as a great opportunity to create a range of food containers with different volumes and shapes to suit the individual user and food type. The design is simple and minimal; stripped back to the bare essentials to allow it to be competitively priced but remaining truly functional.


Founded by a man on a mission to rid the world of single-use plastic bottles and take away containers, Dan Black leads the design team at Black+Blum, and has done for over 20 years. His single goal is to create products which are functional, innovative and most importantly, made to last.
To design unique and sustainable products that look great and are made to last. Buy once, buy well.


A rigorous attention to detail and focus on function and durability, our products are uniquely designed by us to work exactly the way you need them to.


Proud members of 1% for the Planet, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.
A small and passionate team in a studio in South London, a mixed bag of creative thinkers and eco-warriors. We love what we do and want to rid the world of single-use waste.
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